Pacific Fire

A deep, realistic WWII strategy game for mobile devices.
Available now on iOS and Android.


Pacific Fire is a turn-based strategic wargame set in the Pacific Theater of World War II. Take command of US, Japanese, British, Australian, New Zealand, Chinese and Dutch forces in the Pacific and Southeast Asia from 1941-1945.

  • 16 historical campaigns covering key battles of the war in the Pacific
  • 4 grand campaigns covering the entire war, from the attack on Pearl Harbour to Japan's surrender.
  • More than 150 types of aircraft, ships, and submarines, from the iconic P-38 Lightning and A6M2 Zero to less well-known types like the Fulmar and Martin B-10.
  • Powered by a detailed, realistic behind-the-scenes simulation of air, naval, and ground combat.
  • No ads or in-app purchases - buy it once and get access to all current and future content.

In the Press

Pocket Tactics
"Pacific Fire is a surprising hidden gem... close to being a must-buy"

"This is a great war game available at at great price"

About Wirraway Software

Wirraway Software is an independent game studio in Melbourne, Australia creating innovative strategy games and simulations.

"Wirraway" is an Aboriginal word meaning "challenge". It is also a reference to the CAC Wirraway, a training/light attack aircraft credited as the foundation of Australian aircraft manufacturing. In the early years of WWII Wirraways were used as fighters, light bombers, and reconnaissance aircraft in the defence of Northern Australia and New Guinea.

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